This is how to be more consistent.

Consistency is something that everyone preaches about. “Be consistent in the gym. Be consistent with your writing. Be consistent with posting on social media. Be consistent with this or that.”

We hear such things quite often. However, while it’s easy to preach about consistency, it’s difficult to actually be consistent at something.

We then look at others and wonder, “How is this person so consistent?” This leads to self-doubt. We start judging ourselves too harshly for not being consistent like others.

But here’s a simple reason why some people are more consistent than others. It’s because they have found their reason.

But what do I mean by that? Let me explain. To be consistent, you need some sort of motivation. The people you see being consistent are those who have figured out their reason to be consistent.

  • The one who’s consistent in the gym might have had weight issues in the past.
  • The one who’s consistent with their writing might be in love with their craft.
  • The one who’s consistent on social media might have a strong incentive to build an online following.

The point is – These people have a strong enough reason that pushes them into being consistent. And that is exactly what you need to do.

You need to figure out your reason.

So, sit with yourself for some time and introspect. Ask yourself – “What is it that I want to do/achieve? And why?”
Once you have your reason, consistency will happen naturally.

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