Appreciate the small things. They might be simple but they are powerful.

People project their own fears of failure on those who are close to them.

When someone opens up about their problems, it’s not a compulsion for you to come up with a solution for their problems.

What can we learn from white spaces in a blog post? In a good blog post, there are plenty of white spaces between sentences and paragraphs. These white spaces don’t do anything fancy except giving the reader some breathing space.  Essentially, these white spaces are nothing, and that is why they enhance the value of... Continue Reading →

We don’t appreciate the privileges that technology offers us. Thanks to technology, we can listen to the CEO of a mega-successful business and get valuable insights.Thanks to technology, we can expose ourselves to ideologies that are different from what we’ve been taught throughout life.Thanks to technology, we can have access to the best teachers in... Continue Reading →

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