Business Writing Best Practices

Follow these 5 best practices when you need to do business writing.

  1. 1. Write to the point

In business writing, your primary audience includes decision-makers and C-suite executives. 

They don’t have time to go through all the fluff content that you’ve added.

So, come straight to the point and save time for both parties.

2. Add relevant stats

Find recent (and credible) stats that go well with your content. Add hyperlinks to show the reader where you are picking those stats from.

This builds credibility.

3. Share use cases to make your point

Let’s assume you are writing about AI. Share a few real-life use cases about how AI is being used in the industry.

This helps readers understand the real-life implications of your theory.

Show > Tell

4. Add infographics

Only having text can make your article boring. 

So, add infographics and images to keep readers’ attention.

Here’s a good example.

5. Create a detailed outline before starting

A well-structured and detailed outline will make your job easier to stay on track while writing.

• Bonus tip

Share your detailed outline with the client before starting to work on your article. 

This will save you the hassle of making multiple revisions.

There are 90% chances of your article being approved in the first attempt if the outline is client-approved.

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