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Better Listener - VyasSpeaks Post

You don’t need to have all the answers when talking to someone who is in pain.

When someone opens up about their problems, it’s not a compulsion for you to come up with a solution for their problems.

More often than not, we try to steer the conversation away from the person who’s suffering and instead make it about ourselves.

This is what you should do.
I did this when I faced a situation like this.
This is nothing compared to what I faced.

These are the kinds of responses we often give.

But what we need to understand is that it’s the other person who is in pain right now. The focus should be on that person, not on us.

What’s important is to have the patience to listen to the person without any judgement. What’s important is to steer the conversation in a way that the other person can express more.

The other person doesn’t want to be preached.

They simply want to be heard, to be understood. They simply want to feel connected.

P.S. – So, until someone specifically asks for your advice, it’s better to simply listen and be there for the other person.

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