Always Right

Why is always being right not always right?

The problem with always being right is that you might be wrong. 

In our efforts to appear right, we close ourselves to viewpoints that contradict our beliefs. It makes us so inflexible that we become close-minded.

You should ask yourself often – “What if I am wrong?”

When you question your beliefs and notions, you open yourself to the possibility of learning something more than you already know.

Be humble in your convictions. Be curious about other viewpoints. Be open to considering a viewpoint that doesn’t align with yours.

Don’t let your ideologies make you close-minded with friends, family, or strangers.

At this point in time – We need more open minds. We need more meaningful discussions. We don’t need more narcissists who think they are always right.

P.S. – Scientists can be great examples here. A good scientist would want the truth irrespective of whether it’s convenient to their position. They’d rather be wrong and move closer to the truth than fall prey to their ego.

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