A Rainy Day

It rained heavily today.

The people in our society saw it as an excellent opportunity to come out of their homes and enjoy the monsoon rain.

Being a Sunday, everyone was at home too. So within a few minutes, the common area was filled with people.

Families were roaming around getting drenched in the heavy rain. Couples were taking a stroll holding each others’ hands. Kids were playing football in rain.

Adults were jumping in puddles as if they had rediscovered their childhood. Their faces were full of joy and their smiles were as wide as any.

At that point, I asked myself –

“If happiness is that simple then why do we overcomplicate it? Why do we blindly chase status, luxury, and money as if only these things can make us happy?”

If these people just took a moment to acknowledge their happiness, they would come to the same conclusion.

They would also understand that happiness is not that difficult to achieve. 

It simply starts with having people to enjoy a rainy Sunday with.

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