Learning happiness

Can happiness be learned?

Money, health, and happiness are the three foundational desires that every human has.

We can learn to earn money. We can learn to get healthy. And similarly, we can learn to be happy.

Happiness, most often, comes when we are not actively looking for it. It comes as a byproduct of doing hard things, making incremental progress, and being selfless. 

Another way of achieving happiness is through contentment and gratitude. By developing a greater appreciation for little things in life, we can be happy.

So even though we cannot directly learn happiness as a skill, we can create circumstances that promote happiness.

Even research backs it. Studies in the field of neuroplasticity suggest that happiness can be learned.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” So practicing gratitude, kindness, and contentment over the long term can actually rewire our brains and make us more optimistic.

Moreover, we have mirror neurons that help us capture the emotions of others. So when we are around people who are happy and content, we pick up their emotions almost subconsciously.

Another key thing to understand about happiness is that the more we spread happiness, the more we receive it ourselves.

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