Work-From-Home Woes

Hi there,

Welcome to another edition of Simpler Sundays, a newsletter aimed at giving you a dose of relaxed reading at the end of each week. This is the fifth edition of Simpler Sundays. If you’d like any of your friends or family to subscribe to this newsletter, you can share this link. That said, let’s begin this week’s newsletter.

This time, there’s a slightly different format to this newsletter. Instead of talking about a topic and then sharing a link to a blog post from VyasSpeaks, I will be asking you to directly visit the blog post.

The reason being the fact that I want to talk comprehensively about today’s topic which is Work-From-Home. Writing a complete article in this email itself would ruin the whole reading experience.

So just tap on the link or image below to head on to my new article. In this article I talk about how this work-from-home model is proving too much for the people and how can you deal with it in a better way.

VyasSpeaks Featured Post

Work-from-Home Woes and How to Get out of Them?

The Good Word

As you might know, the ‘Good Word’ is a series showcasing my favorite quotes/phrases from other writers. So, here’s this week’s Good Word.

“Don’t look for passion. Instead, become passionate about what you’re already doing. That way you’re more flexible.”

– Seth Godin

That’s all for this week. I’ll see you next Sunday.

Stay safe and take care.

With love,
Shikhil Vyas

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