Nothing really!



What have you ever lost?
Nothing really!

For every person left behind, you found someone better along the way.
Every bit of innocence traded for equally profound wisdom.

With every heartbreak, you found the strength to endure more.
With every fall, you learnt to get back up again.

I know you’ve been hurt before. I know you’ve suffered.
But I also know how it made you a better person, or how it made you empathise more.

Behind those fiery eyes, I can see a scared little kid.
A kid hiding from the horrors of the world.
Ironically enough, the world that scared him away,
also transformed you into the man you are today.

The kid looks up to you now,
for you have become what he could never.

So, here I ask you again, “What have you ever lost?”
And I hope you say, “Nothing really!”

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